In the Interest of *Transparency*: New Windows (and more videos)

Glass installation has begun and is really helping to make our vision of the new wing come together! Our construction crew poured the new sidewalk this week, and they are prepping the exterior walls for more finishes.

As promised, here are a few more 360° videos to give you a sneak peek at our new space.

Speaking of 360° -- why did the triangle hate speaking to the circle? Because it was pointless. Look out folks, I've heard that math-related humor is one of the first sines of madness. I better refrain from telling any more jokes in this post so that our new windows don't crack up...

Video 1: Main Floor Lobby

Video 2: New Classroom

Video 3: New Arches


  1. We can't get the videos to come up. Is there a problem with our computer or are they not loaded? Thanks. Exciting to see the progress.

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