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Podcasts for Every Interest

Written by Leslie Holst, podcast enthusiast and reading teacher at The Siena School

With winter break looming on the horizon, parents seeking alternatives to Xbox and Netflix can turn to podcasts as a way to engage their student’s brains. A quick scroll through iTunes or Stitcher may be overwhelming. There are so many great podcasts and not enough time!

Podcasts may entertain, they may educate, and they can make that long holiday drive fly by. Below is a curated list of podcasts based on students’ interests. There are recommendations for entire series with particular episodes highlighted that may be a good starting point. Please note that some podcasts are best for certain grades. All episodes recommended are considered clean, but other podcasts in the series may have explicit language.

To find podcasts, check out Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, NPR, and Spotify.

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