Journey to the Center of the New Wing

This week, we thought we'd take you on a field trip to see some of the areas of Siena's new wing that aren't so readily visible from our parking lot.

Here's a snapshot of our faculty and staff checking out the forthcoming theater and music room on the ground floor.

A few of us made our way to the top level of the addition. I'd call it a balcony, but that would be a porch choice of words. This level will eventually be the home of our new science labs.

Here's another view of the science lab level. The walls will go up soon, but we're enjoying the panoramic view for now!

I have a Star Wars trivia question for you: what was Darth Vader's lesser-known second wife's name?  Ella!  Ella Vader.

Speaking of addition to getting the walls ready, our construction crew is working on the area where our new elevator will be.  Seeing the progress on this really lifts our spirits.

And just for fun, here's a night view of the new wing. We are delighted at how everything is coming along!


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