Monday, November 12, 2012

Work Continues on the Interior

The layout of the new Siena School building continues to take shape as some of the architectural details are put in place, the walls keep going up, and piping for the sprinkler system is assembled. Two of the key architectural details are the arches in the hallway - a Tuscan inspiration - and the wood reception area which will greet visitors at the main entry. Check out the photos as these features are built…

The arches which are located at each corner of the main hallway help define the space. 

The same corner arch, viewed from another angle. Beyond it are new classrooms.

The work crew is working on the walls of a classroom where drywall has been hung.
This machine is used for threading the pipes which allow the pipes to be connected together. The pipes will be a part of the new sprinkler system. 

The reception desk is framed and ready to be built. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Classrooms are Taking Shape!

This week work has been focusing on the first level of the building where most of the classrooms as well as the administrative offices will be.  The work involves putting up “frames” which will support the walls for the rooms, beginning to put up drywall, and getting the plumbing in place.
Drywall is loaded through the front door by a large crane. 

The administrative offices will be on the interior of the first floor. Here you can see the framing of the walls for this central area. 

The work crew installs the plumbing for the boys’ bathroom on the first floor.

The work crew removes the old heating system in the gym. Now that the building has central air conditioning and heating, this older system will not be necessary.

Mr. Heyer and Mr. Carr (Project Manager) stand inside one of the classrooms discussing the work. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Post - Hurricane Update

Construction on the new building was halted Monday and Tuesday for safety reasons while the stormy weather came through the Washington area. Work resumed on Wednesday after an inspection of the site showed no damage from the storm.

We hope everyone stayed safe during the storm and that your own homes are in good condition!