Monday, October 24, 2016

Two Steps Floor-ward

Construction continues, and we're sure you'll be floored by our progress last week!  (Please note: if construction-related jokes were a crime, we'd be punder arrest for this post.)

We had some impressive cement mixers and concrete pumps towering over our construction site. After the concrete and steel work is completed, things will start coming together quickly -- walls will go up, the roof will go on, and the new wing will really start taking shape.

We'd tell you a joke about the new roof, but it might be over your head...

The walls are coming along nicely -- here's a view from the edge of the construction site.

By the way, did you hear the joke about the tall wall?  It was so hilarious, we're still trying to get over it.

Here's a groundbreaking perspective: a view from inside the new wing!  You can see some of the leveling work taking place to get our future flooring nice and even.