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How to Get the Most from Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are a powerful occasion for meaningful communication with your child’s teachers. You may only have 10 minutes with each teacher, so make sure you’re on time, prepared for and engaged during the conference. Here are some tips and questions to make the most of your conferences:

Try and prioritize topics to address with each teacher before you go to the conference, since time is so limited. We recommend writing down a list of questions to go over during the conference. To think of some questions, talk with your child before the conference. Explain that this meeting is to help them, and to not worry about the conference. Ask your child: What are your strongest and weakest subjects?What subjects do you like the most and least?Is there anything specific you’d like me to ask your teacher? During each conference, listen carefully to what the teacher says. Write down key information you’d like to remember or questions you want to ask at the end of the conference. If yo…

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